Hop Against Homophobia, Bi-, and Transphobia 2015

The hop has come around again, and I am forced to ask why is this still a thing? (For more about this day, please go here: http://dayagainsthomophobia.org/) Seriously, homophobia is the stupidest thing ever, and that goes for biphobia and transphobia as well. What are you scared of, exactly? Afraid you’ll catch it, and suddenly think boys or girls are the best thing ever? Or that you’re trapped in the wrong body? These things aren’t communicable. Your kids can’t “catch it” by simply acknowledging that these things exist in the world.

In many ways, society has been moving forwards in leaps and bounds, but yet there are still pockets of ignorance and resistance that seem to be becoming more intractable as things get better elsewhere. Why? There’s probably many reasons, but I like to imagine them all as bratty two year olds, simply saying no because they don’t like it and they want it to stop. So if they hold their breath long enough it will all disappear, and suddenly the world will become the bland, homogenous thing they want it to be. Sounds ridiculous, right? Because it is ridiculous. It seems all their arguments boil down to “think of the children” (we have, and acceptance of differences is wonderful for them), or “I don’t like it, and I believe I can change reality simply by being an intolerant butthead”. To which I say good luck to you.

The problem is, this belief system can be absolutely toxic. Look at Russia, look at Uganda, look at many other places where institutionalized prejudice and hatred are not only the norm, but encouraged by the leadership. I think it’s quite a useful tool for dictators, because if you can paint other people as the source of their problems, they don’t have time to refocus that energy where it actually belongs, which is on the leader in charge of the country. It’s a distraction that aids them, and hurts so many others.

So while things have gotten slightly more tolerant in the west (in certain spots), spare a thought for all those who live where being yourself honestly can get you killed. They need as much help and support as we can give them.

For more hoppers, please go here: http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com/

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