Flash Fic Challenge – The End’s Girlfriend


Latest challenge here. This one is really short, but I had to do something with this title.

The End’s Girlfriend

The hardest part about the end of the world? Explaining to my friends that my girlfriend had to do it.

It wasn’t her fault, was it? The angel Gabriel turned out to be Gabrielle, which wasn’t a shock considering how sexist the Bible was. It got a lot of other stuff wrong too, but that’s not the point. I was kind of surprised, being an atheist, that my cool chick girlfriend with the short green hair and combat boots was also the Angel of the Apocalypse. Once I got over the disbelief factor, and ascertained that she was not crazy, it was totally cool.

Okay, not the explaining to friends thing. That sucked. Oh, and the whole world ending thing.

But like I said, that wasn’t her fault. She had a job to do. We’ve all had shitty jobs, it was just hers was more massive and suckier than most. I did wonder what was going to become of us after the end, especially since I was an atheist, but apparently being Gabrielle’s girlfriend puts you in the VIP section no matter what. She’s not the boss, but she has like major pull with the boss.

The family was a different story. As it was, I had a bad relationship with my family –  they weren’t down with the whole lesbian thing – so I was glad to hear they were toast with the rest of the human race. But the friends … oh dear. I wanted to save them all, but there was a limit of two. I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want it to be a contest. This was already awkward enough.

In the end, I picked my two very best friends, Dana and Harper. I didn’t tell them or the others. It would have been needlessly cruel for no reason. There was no stopping the end of the world, apparently, but there was little point in dwelling on it either. Shit happens. Sometimes shit that’s too big and too weird to wrap your head around. Like your cool new girlfriend kicking off the apocalypse.

Before it happened she took me on a whirlwind tour around the world, showing me some of humanity’s greatest hits. The usual touristy stuff, like the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. Considering I’d never even traveled much beyond Seattle, this was a huge fucking deal for me. It also made me realize that humanity had done some decent stuff too. It was a shame to piss it all away, but Gabi couldn’t stop it. And let’s face it – for the little good we had done, we had done a shit ton of bad. It was probably high past time we went.

When the end came, I didn’t see it. Heaven was apparently whatever you wanted it to be, so I was with Gabi in a temperate rainforest when it all unfolded. She didn’t need to be there the whole time, just kick things off. Because I’d always wanted some ridiculous, fancy ass treehouse balanced on absurdly large branches, that’s what we had. We were sitting on the back porch, drinking appletinis and watching the sun set over a valley green and blue with trees and water. “So what now?” I asked.

She shrugged. She still looked Human, even though she wasn’t. “Don’t know. I’ll know as soon as the boss makes up her mind.”

I reached out and took her hand. “Hope we get set up on a new planet this time. Might be fun.”

She rolled her purple eyes, but still smiled. “You are such a nerd.”

So I know how it all ends. I just don’t know what comes next.

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