Casting Hearts of Darkness

There’s a Tumblr bit going around, about “casting” your NanoWriMo projects, and I thought that might be a fun way of prodding me on to finish my novel (along with the soundtrack.) So here’s the cast of Hearts of Darkness … at least for now. The story of two super villains in love, and the heroes and villains that get in their way.

Kaede – The son – or possibly the clone – of a infamous mad scientist supervillain called Doctor Terror. Having grown up semi-secretly in the looming shadow of a hated, yet eccentric and strangely distant villain, Kaede is at once feared and ridiculed, and uncertain about his own identity and place in the world. He is constantly underestimated by heroes and villains alike, taking him for a fragile, pampered boy nothing like his father. But Kaede is actually just as lethal, as he is smart, and knows how to exploit his father’s various legacies and experiments. Many people find out, way too late, he is not to be underestimated. Osric Chau would be a good match here.






Ash – This was, in all honesty, the toughest role to cast. First of all, Ash, as described, has snow white hair, and his eyes often appear distinctly amber, shading over to crimson. (You’ll just have to imagine that.) He is a genetically constructed super soldier, made by Doctor Terror as an experiment, and possibly containing alien or wholly artificial DNA, who was raised in a Southeast Asian death cult nicknamed Karna. He is quiet, unassuming, and almost frail. These are camouflages. In actuality, he is super strong, and super lethal, capable of killing super powered heroes and villains alike with his bare hands, and more than capable of taking on an entire army at once. Although he can be injured, it’s unknown if he can actually be killed. He is still trying to grow accustomed to dealing with people and contemporary society, and Kaede is helping him. He’s a cool, calm, quiet killing machine. I think Thomas McDonell could pull this off.



Dark Justice A/K/A Anthony Moreau – The city of Corwyn has a dark, tech assisted hero, who is by day a playboy heir to a military contracting father. Dark Justice keeps the peace violently, with major macho smugness, and is exactly, as Kaede describes him, “a preening narcissist with daddy issues”. DJ honestly believes he’s doing right, and maybe he is, but in this story he’s the antagonist. Manu Bennett would be great for it.







Doctor Jasmine Chu – A woman who works as the chief in the Applied Science Division of one of Doctor Terror’s front companies, she seems to have no idea she’s working for a super villain. Or does she? She knows the tech coming into and out of her lab is way too advanced – and strange – to belong to a simple tech company. Constance Wu would be great for her.







So there’s the basic cast. There are actually a whole bunch of characters in this story, but many of them don’t have huge parts. Because when you run afoul of Kaede and Ash … let’s just say, it’s really bad for your life span.

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