The Vermilion in pictures

So Sunday I did a reading at The Vermilion Art Gallery & Bar, along with Layla Hunter, and I took several pictures before things got going. It’s mostly reference material, as I plan to write a story set here with Roan and Dylan, but before that, I thought I’d just share some photos with people who may have wanted to come but couldn’t make it.

Out front. There was a leather bar next door. I should have taken a photo of that too.

The front window. Backs of volunteers visible. (Hi there!)

First art I saw. I'd attribute the artist if I knew who they were. Also, I have no idea if the old video games were part of an installation or not.

Second picture. Same artist.

Third picture. Also visible: photographer, bathroom door.

Previously mentioned bathroom door.

A small part of the well stocked bar.

Alex the friendly bartender, and the bar's fish. (Name not given.)

The caterers setting up the food.

There was a screen for projecting things. This is a poem.

The side wall had a blocked window.

So did the far wall.

And here is Layla Hunter (left) and Tracy (right).

Thanks to Layla, for the notes, thanks to Tracy for the help, thanks to Old Growth Northwest for putting on the shindig, and thanks to the Vermilion for having us! (Also, thanks Joe!)

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