More infor on The Lost Weekend, and an announcement

And here’s the Coming Soon info for Infected: The Lost Weekend!

Roan is hired by Scott to look for a hockey player friend of his. After a long night of celebratory drinking, Scott can’t quite remember what happened to his friend, and he isn’t answering his cell. Roan discovers Scott’s friend was much more troubled than he ever realized, and that some mysteries should remain unsolved.

Now, just a note: If you want to buy any of the Infected books under the Dreamspinner Press imprint, you must do so by August 30th. Because the whole series is going out of print September 1st (save for The Lost Weekend), so it can be relaunched under the DSP imprint in October. The covers are the same, but I have been through the books with a fine toothed comb, so there will be things fixed in these versions I always wanted to fix. You don’t need them if you already have them, though.

You will need Infected: Epitaph, which will be out once the roll out is complete. 😉

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