Flash Fic Challenge – Shades of Blue

Latest flash fic challenge, and this resulted. I’m not quite sure why this story happened the way it did. Hmm. Whoever knows?


Shades of Blue

He was a vision, a bronze god with a chest like sculpted gold. His torso was a vee, tapering down to a slender waist and a firmly muscled stomach, his hipbones visible but not prominent.

Cullen found this god on Grindr, and miraculously was able to come over to his place. He lived in a condo on the East side, not cheap, and his décor looked like it came wholesale from a mid-range catalog.

The Adonis, who said his name was Gavin, was honestly a five in the face. He had a rugged jaw, but it didn’t quite fit with the rest of his visage, from his small nose to his sunken eyes. His haircut was trendy, short, and probably expensive, but it looked so common it was hard to say. His body made him an instant nine in spite of everything else, which is probably why he worked on it so hard. He shaved and greased it to a polished sheen.

He greeted Cullen at the door, wearing sweatshorts and nothing else, and Cullen was into it. He couldn’t help but respond as he pushed him up against the wall, pinning him in place with that hard, sculpted body, and kissed him like he was trying to suck all the air out of his lungs.

When Gavin started undoing his belt, Cullen shoved him back towards the couch, and reminded him of his text messages. Before he agreed to come over, he made sure Gavin would be okay with a little light kink. Namely, tying his hands to his bed.

They retreated to his bedroom, shedding clothes along the way, and Cullen used his belt to bind Gavin’s wrists together and tie them to his bedposts. Gavin was stripped down to his multicolored, second skin underwear, tight enough to showcase a seemingly impressive package. (Cullen was relatively sure it was enhancing underwear.) Cullen, stripped down to his own underwear, which were simply red briefs, straddled Gavin’s impressive hips. Cullen licked the side of Gavin’s manly jaw, mainly because he couldn’t help himself, and Gavin groaned appreciatively. “Tell me about your trick Saturday night,” Cullen asked, sitting up.

Gavin’s pleasure glazed blue eyes blinked rapidly, as he tried to make sense of what Cullen just asked. Lust could push everything out of your mind. “What?”

“Your trick, Saturday night. He looked a bit like me, didn’t he? A couple years younger, higher, but similar.”

Gavin tensed beneath him, and Cullen grabbed his wrists and put pressure on them, so he didn’t try and escape. It was unlikely he could break out of the restraints, but better safe than sorry with a guy this muscled. It also gave him the ability to look straight down into Gavin’s now startled blue eyes. “What? How do you know that?”

“Because he was my half-brother,” he told him. “And I want to know why you killed him.”

Gavin stared up at him like he was crazy, his eyes suddenly wide with alarm. “I didn’t kill him. I’ve never hurt anyone.”

It was possible that was true, or that he believed that to be true. “When did you leave him? And in what state?”

“What?” Gavin tugged on his restraints, but they seemed to be holding. “Look, you’ve got the wrong guy. I hooked up with him, sure, but that’s all. It was a trick, nothing more.”

“Uh huh. And it didn’t bother you how profoundly fucked up he was?”

That made him pause. “He told me he was on molly. He seemed fine. Wasted, sure, but that’s all.”

“Only molly? Didn’t you have a drink with him? Vodka, yes?”

He attempted a lighthearted laugh, but he couldn’t quite manage it. “It was one drink. That’s not a big deal.”

“Except he was on molly, and ecstasy, and added alcohol to the mix. Was he conscious when you left? Was he breathing?”

“Yeah, of course! He was asleep.”

Cullen studied Gavin carefully. You couldn’t tell how intelligent anyone was by looks, but there was something about him that suggested he was no MENSA candidate. Most likely, he was a peacock who liked to preen, and probably thought he was more handsome than he actually was. Cullen had met his type before. “He wasn’t asleep, Gavin – or whatever your name is. He would have been semi-comatose at the time, according to the coroner.”

Gavin’s eyes bugged out slightly. “Coroner ..? You mean he’s really dead?”

Cullen rolled his eyes. “What, did you think this was some elaborate prank? Yes, he’s dead. He overdosed, and there’s a good chance he was dying when you left him Saturday night.” Cullen had ended up with Bobby’s phone, and from simply investigating his last calls and texts, was able to find out he’d hooked up with Gavin, a guy he found on Grindr.

He wasn’t delusional. Cullen knew that Bobby had had substance abuse problems for years, impulse control wasn’t his strong suit, and he’d done it to himself. But the thought that someone could have known his brother was dying and simply left him there was infuriating. He had to know.

Gavin was shaking his head frantically, something akin to panic blooming in his eyes. “I didn’t know. I thought he was asleep. I didn’t check.”

Cullen didn’t want to believe him. He wanted to believe this dandy meathead was so callous he walked away from a dying man. But looking down at Gavin, with tears gathering in the corners of his eyes (probably more from fear than grief, but still …) he couldn’t see it. Gavin was just another horny idiot in a city full of them.

Cullen undid the belt around Gavin’s wrists, and didn’t understand why he suddenly felt tears in his own eyes. Finding an answer was supposed to be much more satisfying than this.

Bobby was dead. And nothing was ever going to make that better. Not even revenge.

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