Flash fic challenge – Important!!! Please Read!!!

I should say that the title of the story of this fiction challenge is Important!!! Please Read!!!, as it’s based on spam. I tried. Much like actual spam, the punctuation is deliberately hit and miss.


Important!!! Please Read!!!

Do you want a longer, harder cock? A cock as hard as stone, a cock that would plunge through the earth’s surface like a missile, a cock that throbs like a second heart, a cock that is damned and howls with the names of the Old Ones, hard as a soulless homunculus, one that screams into the void and is answered by the Nameless Horror that lurks in the shadows behind your eyes, waiting to pounce, waiting to corrupt you, to enfold you in its long, hard cock, and fuck the world, fuck the universe back into void and shadows, fuck the Nameless Ones back to life. You want that, don’t you? You want to be nothing but a long, hard cock, faceless, limbless, vomiting your soul into the angry holes of the shadows, where they wait to feed on you and laugh as they gang bang you into a husk, into a shed snake skin of a rock hard cock. Twelve inches of soulless aching need, free of blood cum gravity purpose life. Be the hole you were made to be.

Act now, and get one free for every one you buy.

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