Five Song Shuffle Tuesday – Doing It On Purpose Edition

I decided to call it that since I seem to be weird on purpose. I apologize.


Black CabSexy Polizei

I’m the type of person who will blindly click Bandcamp links of people I follow on Twitter, just to see if I find something I like. That’s the case with Black Cab, a band I know nothing about, except I liked two of their songs enough that I bought them. This is one of those songs.

Esben and the WitchDeathwaltz

Okay, sometimes I download the free mixes of record labels to see if there’s any songs I like. Which is where I got this song from. I can’t be alone in doing these things, right?

Antigen ShiftThis Is An Exit

Another random Bandcamp find. I ended up buying the entire album. It’s really good.

Beverly Planet Birthday

And another band I discovered on a label sampler. I swear, this mix is all random.

Aesop Rock Crows 2

Finally! Let’s end on a song I didn’t just happen to stumble upon. Skelethon is a really good album, if you’ve never checked it out. And this is probably my favorite song about zombies to date. I’d love The Walking Dead if they ever used it. (Which they won’t. I bet all my money on that.)

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