Five Song Shuffle – Soundtrack Edition

Somehow, most of these songs turned out to be the “personal” songs of some characters. So soundtrack edition it is.

These Arms Are Snakes – Horse Girl

Okay, while this song isn’t technically anyone’s theme song, its story of drug addiction could apply to Roan. Also, a bit of this song floated through Roan’s head in a pivotal scene in a book. Because Roan’s mind deals with extreme pain by throwing music at him. It’s a valiant but vain attempt to distract from the overwhelming agony of a partial change. (See, there’s a reason he’s a drug addict.)

Elliott Smith – Some Song

Here we go with the soundtracks. This is tied with Sun Kil Moon’s somber cover of Dramamine as Dylan’s theme song. I think a lot of Dylan’s irony is lost, which is my personal failing. It seems like he has a lot of friends and is fairly sociable, but Dylan is actually deeply alienated from people, finding comfort only in Buddhism, his art, and Roan. His deepest human connection is with Roan, who is not entirely human. Roan functions as a humanity anchor for Dylan almost as much as Dylan provides one for Roan. They need each other on a very basic level, which is why Dylan’s decision to leave Roan was a short lived one. He needs Roan, as much as he hates to admit it to himself, and honestly they’re a good team. There’s also irony in the fact that most of Dylan’s friends dislike Roan, but only because they’re afraid Roan will hurt Dylan. Only Dylan really knows Roan never would, but they don’t know him like Dylan knows him. So the Dylan/Roan relationship is very sweet, and yet really very sad. They’re two misfit people who can only fit with each other, and I suspect that they now both realize that.

Fall Out Boy – Fame > Infamy

The only Fall Out Boy song on my ipod, and only because it’s Holden’s theme song. No, really, it’s utterly perfect; it could have been written about him. It wasn’t, but it fits like a pair of leather pants. Holden doesn’t have many illusions about himself, but he has a couple. I still wonder if he’s fully aware of his own delusions. Holden is a slippery one, even for me. He likes to resist my attempts to go deeper.

Static X – I’m With Stupid

No one’s theme song. This song is just hilarious as hell, and I think Roan would play it to make everyone laugh. (I know for a fact the uncensored version ended up on the “mixtape” he made for the Falcons.)

Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch

Again, not a theme song, but it is a rare twofer, in that it could be the theme song of Roan’s lion (yes, the lion’s a separate entity in this case) and Holden. They do enjoy an odd crossover, as I do believe they are both destructive forces of nature, but in very different ways. Both are creatures of impulse and rage, but the lion has to battle with Roan’s human sensibilities and discipline, which don’t always abandon him. Holden always has a human sensibility, so he often funnels his rage into something far more cold and ruthless. Roan and his lion are a hurricane of razor blades, and can wipe out a whole troop of gunmen like any good superhero in record time. Holden is the sly vigilante who will destroy you and let you know it, right to your face, before he does it. So which one is more dangerous? It depends on circumstance, and whether you’re a target or not. Don’t seat either next to grandma at the dinner table if you know what’s good for you. Unless you really hate your grandma.

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