5 Song Shuffle – Musical Mayhem Edition

The only connecting thread here is gloom, doom, noise, and weirdness. Which figures.


Nine Black Alps – Cosmopolitan

Quite possibly the most “normal” song on this list, a straight ahead rock song … until you realize it’s totally taking the piss out of women’s magazines. Which is pretty cool, just weird from an all male rock band.

The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion

A piece of weirdly pop-y goth rock from the masters of weirdly pop-y goth rock. My ipod has the standard length song, which means almost ten minutes of this nonsense, which is honestly great fun. But check out this so ’80’s post-apocalyptic video! Goddamn it. It didn’t matter that it was the ’80’s, they fucking refused to be happy, and that’s what you had to love about them.

These Arms Are Snakes – The Shit Sisters

Here’s where the noise rockers make their presence known (and it has sister in the title, creating an inadvertant theme). All about the ugly twin sisters of conformity and avarice, the music really makes this song. The second synth “stutter”, which goes on a beat or two longer than the first time, is fucking brilliant. The band sets you up to predict something, and then throws it out the window. It was even a bit longer in live versions, which was fantastic. I miss these bastards.

Metz – Wet Blanket

Now here’s an inadvertant theme of noise rockers back to back, as Metz makes their contribution to the list. It just makes me think, if this band ever opened for These Arms Are Snakes, it would have been a noisy piece of musical heaven.

Tobacco – Father Sister Bezerker

Another sister song! Perhaps that should have been the theme. The newest song on the list and also the only instrumental, this layers its synth sounds and beats into a pleasing but just slightly weird passage. And that weird ass title is great.

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