Yep, another flash fic ….

Same challenge as before, but this super weird title was just too good to pass up. Weird, weird, weird. But short.




The Hand the Snake Laughed

“The hand,” the snake laughed. “Is ours, always ours.”

The lizard listened, and looked at its front foot, as if it was a puzzle she could solve. “You have no hands,” she said.

The snake flicked its tongue at its rapt audience, snuggling in to the cozy indent on the hood of the ’87 Chevy, so rusted and sand weathered its color was hard to determine. “We all have hands. They’re in our minds. Holding us down, holding us back.”

There were so oohs amongst the audience, mainly small mammals and arachnids who found the snake deep. The lizard was beginning to think this was all terrible bullshit. Was this where the expression “snake oil salesman” came from?

“Hey,” lizard’s friend the kangaroo whispered. “Do you think this guy’s high?”

“He must be if he believes this shit,” she whispered back.

“We must break our bonds, but not put our hands where they don’t belong,” the snake continued. “Freedom is good, but freedom can be a trap if you go too far.”

“Wanna go?” Lizard asked.

The kangaroo nodded its big head. “Let’s hit the snack bar.”

The lizard plodded her way through the crowd, the people eager to get out of her way since she was a perentie and about the largest thing here, besides kangaroo. The snake was still holding court, nattering words that honestly made no sense in or out of context, but sounded like they could make sense if someone mixed them up in a bowl and tried again.

They joined a group of wombats gnawing on some berry branches, although kangaroo grabbed a eucalyptus branch and started chewing the leaves. He said he hated the taste, but they got him high. They’d never done anything for her. As far as she was concerned, they were bitter and made her tongue hurt.

One of the wombats, called White Eye for the bit of white fur beneath her right eye, said, “I don’t get why people like that snake. He just says weird things and pretends they’re profound.”

“RIght,” another wombat said. “Like, what the hell’s a hoo-man? He says they used to be all over this place before us. If that’s true, where are they now?”

“Good question,” kangaroo said, thoughtfully chewing a leaf. “Well, they made the cars. We keep finding those all over the place.”

“I thought aliens made those,” another wombat said.

Kangaroo’s ears twitched back in annoyance. “Why would aliens make a bunch of cars, drop ’em all over the place, then leave?”

“Why would hoo-mans?” The wombat replied.

No one had any answer to that. Lizard looked back at snake, wondering if he actually knew what life had been like in the before time, or if he was just making stuff up to entertain the crowd.

Lizard wondered if she’d ever know, then decided it just didn’t matter.

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