World Building Blog Hop, Day 1 – Dev, A Visitor’s Guide

Welcome to the Worldbuilding Blogfest! Links for more wonderful worldbuilding can be found here: World Building Ahoy.

Ever wonder about the world on the other side of the hell portal in the Josh of the Damned universe? Here’s the beginning of a comprehensive look at a place you’d never want to visit.


Welcome to Dev. We hope you enjoy a stay in our world, although please be sure you made out a will and have your affairs in order if you’re a human being. It is not advised you come here without a chaperon, unless you’re suicidal.

Geography & Climate

The climate is much like you’d find on Earth. A mix of sunny days and rain, with the occasional rain of toads, which usually only occurs in what humans would call the fall. The weather is surprisingly pleasant, which will be a surprise to people who incorrectly call our homeland hell. We have no weather extremes here! Except for the toads.

Our capital city, Nightshade, is an urban wonderland of stunning architecture, a mix of the past and contemporary influences. Cobblestone streets meet with asphalt and onyx to create a piece of functional art, while cars vie with horses and carriages, creating some very unique traffic situations. Try one of our pedicabs, pulled by citizens of Dev doing community service. They have to take you anywhere you want to go free, or they’re violating the terms of their parole!

It is recommended you avoid the outskirts of the city unless you have a knowledgeable guide. The outskirts, while a beautiful landscape of temperate rainforests, fields of wildflowers, and snow capped mountains, also have yeti zones, which it is strongly advised everyone avoid at all costs, unless you happen to have a close relationship with a yeti. Yetis are nearly indestructible creatures who will eat anything, and while they prefer living flesh, they’ve been known to eat cars, tanks, and the odd helicopter. Attempts have been made to mark yeti zones, but they generally eat the signs, fences, electric towers, landmines, and booby traps.

Stay safe! It’s best not to be completely human, if you can at all avoid it.

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