I’m up for some LR Cafe’s Best of 2012 Awards! Also, a snippet of Josh of the Damned.

Woohoo! I should crib for the Colbert Report and have a regular “who’s honoring me/who’s ignoring me” section. Anyhow, I’m up for some awards in the Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book, Best Series, and Best GBLT Author categories! The book that got the nod was the Josh of the Damned Triple Feature. As such, I thought I’d give you a tease for the book.

What most people call a hellish shift, Josh Caplan calls a normal evening. After all, he works nights at a convenience store beside the mouth of hell, selling snacks to zombies and lizard men. And in this bit, Josh and his vampire boyfriend Colin are on the roof, and Colin lets Josh know something about himself that he never knew. While danger gets oddly closer …



Colin nodded, his driftwood-colored hair shifting to cover his eyes in a

strangely sexy way. “There’s no conspiracy. Reality itself rejects us.”

That gave Josh pause. “Huh?”

“Reality rejects us. We’re not really supposed to be here, so in the light

of day, when the portal’s gone, everybody forgets it exists—and that we

exist—at all. It’s the vampire’s drug writ large.”

“I remember. Mr. Kwon remembers.”

Colin gazed at him through a fringe of hair, his chocolate eyes showing

just a hint of something metallic beneath. When he went full vamp, his eyes

became the colors of new pennies, and . . . that’s all Josh could remember.

Either it was vamp saliva again, or maybe they had some kind of hypnosis

power Colin hadn’t admitted yet. “Yes, but you’re different.”

Josh waited for Colin to throw him one of his crooked half smiles that

indicated he was joking, but Colin went back to staring at the bikers and

the werewolf. “Wait, what do you mean I’m different?”

It was then that Josh noticed the noise, so weird he wasn’t even sure

what he was hearing. It was a brushing sound, only amplified, like a thousand

people were using old-fashioned whisk brooms to clean the street. And it

was getting louder.

Even Colin was looking around. “What is that?” Josh asked, looking

up into the sky. Maybe it was some weird-ass kind of helicopter.

Below, the bikers were all looking around too, but it wasn’t just them.

The werewolves had stopped their lurking and secret encircling of the men

and now had their muzzles raised to the sky, sniffing the air.

“I don’t know,” Colin said, and there was something about his voice

that made Josh look at him. Colin’s posture was suddenly stiff, his spine as

rigid as a stripper pole, and his eyes had that new penny glow about them. If his vampire side was coming out to play, things couldn’t be good.

The noise was so loud now it was nearly deafening, and the night

seemed suddenly darker. Josh looked up again, and the fingernail sliver of

the moon that had been visible a minute ago was gone.

“Did the moon just disappear?” Josh asked. Yes, it sounded insane, but

this job had taught him very little actually was insane. It’s just there were a

handful of things that were totally impossible.

. . . Weren’t there?




Josh of the Damned Triple Feature

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