I’ll be on the Write On The Edge blog talk radio show tonight …

Which should be 8PM Pacific, 11pm Eastern, 10 Central. (Overseas, I’m afraid you’ll have to Google for it, as this is the edge of my time zone understanding.) So if you ever wanted to hear my annoying voice again, now’s your chance!

And to answer a question that was brought up – but won’t be included in the segment:

What is your favorite theme or element in writing?

I have to admit, I really didn’t think I had one, beyond the obvious. (The mundane and the fantastic smashing together.) But the more I think about it, I suppose there is a running theme of oddballs, misfits even within the strange worlds they inhabit. Roan – and just about all of his friends – are quite obvious in their outsider status, but look at Josh, from my Josh of the Damned series. Although it is reveal led he has an important part to play, he hardly belongs where he is. He’s just a regular guy, a night clerk, who never really asked to be fighting for the fate of the world, or going up against crazy monsters or power mad CEOs.  He just wants to do his job, go home, veg out, maybe have some quiet time with his boyfriend. But in the context of this universe, that makes him the weirdo. His official boss comes from a long line of necromancers; his boyfriend’s a vampire; his stalker is a yeti of indeterminate gender; his unofficial boss is a Gorgon. I’ll grant you that his roommate Doug is just a stoner, and therefore a normal guy too, but no one is heaping the fate of the world on Doug’s shoulders.  Josh is hip deep in monsters, and yet isn’t close to being one. He’s thrown in the deep end and forced to swim.

I will admit to having an affection for the weirdos, the outcasts, even if  the world they’re in is full of man eating mustaches and car eating werewolves. I see the terminally strange as my people, and I love them all, from the occasional lion to the  programmer turned dominatrix to the shitty necromancer who owns a convenience store. Which may explain why writing a nice, “normal” story may be terminally beyond me.

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