Hey, who wants a recipe?

I don’t cook a lot – hardly ever, really – but I thought, in advance of my birthday, I’d make myself a cake. But honestly, I didn’t want cake. I wanted an ice cream sundae pie. Those don’t exist? Well, maybe they do, but not around here, so I made my own. They’re simple to make, and you can vary the recipe by what you like. But here’s the basics.

mmmmStep one – Crust. With a little melted butter and many crumbs, you can make your own. You can crush cookies – chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla wafers, gingersnaps, graham crackers – whatever you like, and make your own. Or, you can skip it and go to the straightforward pre-made, store bought crust. Your choice. Just make sure it’s a kind you like. Also, plain pie crust probably wouldn’t work here, unless that’s your favorite thing in the whole world. Then why not? Give it a shot. But if you insist on using baked, make sure it’s totally cooled before the next step.


Step Two – Ice Cream. I’d use a premium ice cream if possible, but with all the add ons, you could probably use a bargain one too. It’d be difficult to notice if it has enough chocolate sauce on it. I used a sea salt caramel truffle ice cream, but I considered using Neapolitan as well (and mint chocolate chip). The key is, make sure it’s an ice cream you like, and would eat whether it was in a pie or not. You could even combine two pints of different flavored ice creams if you wanted to really mix it up. First, soften the ice cream, and them spoon it into the pie crust. Do not fill the pie.┬áJust fill it half way.


Step Three – Mix Ins (optional). As you can tell from the photo, I included berries, as I love them. In this case, a mix of frozen raspberrries, blueberries, and blackberries. The traditional is sweetened strawberries, and you can do that if you want, but I like a tart berry, and strawberries are probably my least favorite berry. I sprinkled in a handful of berries over the ice cream, and poured on a little caramel sauce. Feel free to use fresh or frozen fruit, or chopped cookies, sprinkles, hot fudge, brownies, whatever you like in a sundae. You could even use fresh sliced bananas, which I considered, but dip them in a little lemon juice first, or they’ll discolor in the freezer. (The taste won’t change, though, so if the discoloring won’t bother you, just layer them in as is.)


Step Four – More Ice Cream. Now you can finish up, adding the rest of the ice cream (or an alternate flavor if you’d like). Fill it to the top, or until the structural integrity is compromised, whichever you’d like.


Step Five – Decorate. If you’d like to add more things, or attempt to make it look pretty, here’s where you do it. I simply added a few berries, a drizzle of caramel, and a handful of chopped peanuts and pecans, but I intend to add a bit of whipped cream before serving (I would add it then, as whipped cream doesn’t freeze well). You could also add chocolate sauce (why not mix it with caramel?), strawberry syrup, shredded coconut, cherries, crushed pineapples, chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, whatever floats your boat.


Step Six – Freeze That Son Of A Bitch. You’re going to want to cover it and freeze it until set. Several hours, or overnight if you can wait. Then cut and serve, and if you’re me, wallow in your own decadent crapulence. Mmm.

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