Goodread M/M Group Story, from the Hot Summer Days event – My Bloody Valentine

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by Andrea Speed

“Isn’t this how every bad horror movie ever made starts?” Cody asked, shining his flashlight on the door of the house. It made the aging crime scene tape glow yellow, like a neon string.
Drew gave him an elbow in the side, gently so he didn’t actually hurt him. Cody returned it, smirking at him in that way that made Drew both want to punch him and kiss him at the same time. “Hey, this was your idea.”
“You’re the one who wanted me to take you somewhere quiet,” Cody replied, tearing away the tape and opening the dusty door.
Drew hissed, a kind of surprised, negative noise, but he followed reluctantly, his flashlight beam tracing patterns on the linoleum floor. It was surprisingly clean considering how deserted the place had been, although there was mold in spots, places where the linoleum was slashed and starting to peel back. “I meant somewhere where the guys wouldn’t see me,” Drew said, his voice automatically dropping to a whisper. There was something about being in a house like this that made you think of a tomb.
“They won’t see you here,” Cody said, his voice loud by comparison. “Nobody comes here.” He turned and smiled, putting the flashlight beneath his face so he looked creepy. “Except us ghosts! Bwaha-ha-ha!”
Drew scowled at him. “What are you, five?”
“Better not be, or you’re a sex offender.”
Drew shook his head. “Do you want me to leave in disgust?”
Cody sighed, and dropped his hand to his side, casting light on the floor. “Spoilsport. Don’t you want me to have any fun?”
Drew slid a finger into the belt loop of Cody’s jeans and pulled him to him, until their chests touched and they could see nothing but each other in the gloom. “I had another kind of fun in mind.”
Cody smiled again, more sensual this time. “Aren’t you even gonna ask me why this house is haunted?”
Drew quirked an eyebrow, telegraphing his annoyance, but it was just a warning. “Haunted my ass. Okay, I’ll play along. Why ? No, wait, can I guess?” At Cody’s nod, he continued. “Some guy went nuts, killed his whole family with an axe, and then hung himself right here, in the living room. Right?”
“Nope. Not even close.” Cody draped his arms loosely around Drew’s shoulders, and lightly bit his lower lip. “It seems that the guy who used to live here was a sorcerer.”
Drew scoffed, turning off his flashlight and slipping it in the pocket of his windbreaker. “Yeah, he was the real Harry Potter.” He shut Cody up by covering his mouth with his, and they shared a long kiss before Cody broke it off.
“No, really. He wanted to be a sorcerer. He had all these books on black magic, one supposedly even bound in human flesh.”
Drew kissed his jaw, and started lightly nibbling his neck. “Yeah, sure. Did he have a pet owl too?”
Cody ran a hand through Drew’s short, bristly hair. “I’m serious. They said he was after the secret to immortality, that he wanted to live forever, and he did the rituals in his books.”
Drew slid his hand down the back of Cody’s jeans, down to the waistband of his underwear. “Were they sexy rituals?” Cody paused, not quite pulling away, but he had stilled enough that Drew stopped nibbling his neck and looked at him. “What? I’m playing along.”
“This is no joke. He killed like a dozen kids, and they never did find all of their bodies.”
Drew made a face of disgust, losing the semi that was pressing against the fly of his jeans. “That’s horrible. God Cody, why would you tell me something like that? Fuck, why would you even bring me to the house of a deranged serial killer?”
“I thought you didn’t believe in this shit.”
“In hauntings and sorcerers, no, but serial killers? That’s fucking morbid.”
“But they say the energy’s still here.”
Drew withdrew his hands from Cody’s pants, even though seconds ago he couldn’t wait to grab a handful of his gorgeous, muscular ass. “What energy? What are you talking about?”
Cody grinned this time, showing all his tiny white teeth, his brown eyes lighting up like a mischievous child’s. “They say he was killed by something he raised, a demon. And the right kind of energy can bring it back, ‘cause its trapped within the house.”
Drew grimaced in disgust. Cody was cute, but god, he could talk a bunch of shit. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
Cody took two steps back, flashlight pointed down at the floor, where he used the yellow beam of light to trace a pattern in the floor. It used to be hardwood, but time and much abuse had left it scarred and dingy to the point where Drew had thought it to be made of hard packed earth for a second. The beam of light scudded in a pattern, as Cody saw something he didn’t, but finally Drew’s eyes could make out almost spidery lines carved in a circular pattern beneath where they were standing, a circle within a circle within a circle. There were marks between the rings, almost like letters, but the more Drew stared at them the less sense they made. They almost seemed to shift, move like insects skittering from the intrusion of the light. He felt a dull shock in his stomach for the one brief second he actually thought they were bugs.
“See? This symbol supposedly traps it in the house. It can’t go back, but it can’t actually live here either. It’s kinda stuck between worlds.”
Drew scoffed. “Please. Some Goth kids just scraped this into the floor after watching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer box set. What’s with the fairy stories, Cody? I thought you wanted to hook up.”
“I do. But I thought you liked a little danger. Well, within reason.”
That made him cross his arms over his chest and take a step back. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means you want to fool around with me, but you don’t wanna be seen in public with me, Drew.”
“Yeah, well, ‘cause of the team.”
“Really? You think a bunch of lacrosse players are gonna give a shit who you sleep with? It’s 2011.”
Talk about a mood killer. Drew felt like lashing out, telling him what an annoying little pretty boy he was, but he hadn’t completely given up on the idea of getting laid tonight. He’d tell him tomorrow, if things didn’t deteriorate further. “C’mon, let’s go back to the car. I don’t wanna argue in a Goth kid’s wank house.”
A dark look passed over Cody’s face, but it was here and gone, like a cloud in a stiff breeze. Suddenly he smirked again, that half-sexy, half-cocky smile, and said, “What’s wrong? You scared?” He then peeled off his t-shirt and tossed it to the dusty floor. His skin was so pale it almost seemed to glow in the darkness.
Drew shook his head. He always knew Cody was kind of freaky, but he realized now he had no idea. “You really wanna do it here?”
Cody bit his lower lip in a way that he must have thought was sexy. It was. “Why not? I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” He grabbed Drew’s arm, and he let himself be pulled into his embrace and kiss. Cody seemed to be shivering, even though it wasn’t that cold.
Never breaking their embrace, Cody knelt down on the floor and pulled Drew down with him, although it was Drew who pushed Cody down and pinned him to the floor with his body. When he finally reached down and undid the fly of Cody’s jeans, Cody rolled them over, so Drew was beneath him. He broke their kiss and sat up, astride Drew’s hips. The flashlight was on the floor beside them, casting a spotlight on an empty wall. There were water stains, the deep, dark brownish red of rust.
Even though Drew found it oddly thrilling to have him on top of him, he reminded him, “I don’t get fucked.”
“I know,” Cody replied, an amused lilt to his voice. He helped Drew out of his coat and all but ripped his shirt off of him. He was belatedly glad he’d thrown on one of his older shirts tonight. Cody ran a hand over Drew’s chest, looking at it with intense concentration. His hands were strangely cold.
Cody reached back, fingers dipping into his boot, and while it was a weird place to keep a condom, that’s what Drew assumed Cody was going for. There was the sound of a board creaking, a slight tremor through the floorboards, and Drew suddenly looked around. It was all darkness, but was he sure? “What was that?”
“Nothing,” Cody said, his voice strangely flat. The teasing sensuality from a moment before was gone, and Drew looked back at him in time to see his expression was oddly blank, and he had raised his hand up over him. Drew saw it was a knife in his hand too late to do anything but grab for his wrist as Cody stabbed him in the chest.
There was a cold, terrible pain in his heart as Cody pushed down on the knife, putting his weight into it. “Sorry, Drew. It’s not personal.”
Cody watched as the light in Drew’s eyes died, his hands still gripping the hilt of the knife, which was warm from the contact with his body. Once upon a time, the killing had bothered Cody, but he knew what it was for, and all it did nowadays was leave him numb.
The creaking floorboards let him know that Mason was approaching, even though by now he could feel his presence, a sixth sense that registered like ghostly fingers trailing down his spine. “Every time you tell a different story,” Mason said, his voice like gravel down a drainpipe.
With Mason behind him, he felt safe to cringe, to wince at his lover’s voice before the change. It was sepulchral, and he could hear how some might think it demonic. It wasn’t; it was simply rot eating away at his vocal chords.
“Gotta keep it interesting for me,” he replied, dragging the knife through Drew’s chest, cutting a pattern into it. He’d studied anatomy textbooks, but he already knew he was never going to be a surgeon, or even an adequate butcher. But it had been weeks since he’d brought a guy back here, and Mason was probably in no shape to get the heart without a little help.
He could remember that night like it just happened. The scream of the brakes on wet pavement, the crunch of metal and glass, and the nightmarish sight of Mason broken and bleeding on the asphalt, dying as he watched helplessly. Mason was his first true love, the first man he ever imagined spending his life with, and yet he killed him. Not deliberately, but he had been behind the wheel. He had to right the wrong.
He was able to raise Mason from the dead, but in the broken, scarred form he’d been in when he died. There was a fix, though, something to keep Mason from rotting away like a zombie in a swamp. A human heart. A fresh human heart. Beef hearts from the butchers or cold hearts from the coroner’s office just wouldn’t do.
As soon as he was done, Cody moved aside without turning to see his beloved, but he knew he was there, a shadow that followed him even in the gloom. He kept his eyes fixed on the flashlight beam on the wall, seeing old bloodstains from previous kills. He’d tried to clean everything up, but he always seemed to miss something.
Cody looked down at the blood on his hands as he heard the sounds of a ribcage being cracked open, and the wet noises of flesh and tendons being torn asunder. Cody pressed his bloody hands to the grooved pattern on the floor, and felt a strange thrum of energy. The deranged old fucker who used to live here never got it right, but Cody was starting to understand that sorcery came to you or it didn’t; it was a talent, as much as anything else. You could learn some things, but there were some aspects that had to be in you from the beginning, or it wouldn’t work at all.
The slurping noises of hasty eating soon fell away, and after a minute had passed, he felt a warm hand touch his shoulder. “Cody,” Mason said, his voice as rich and warm as brandy.
Cody looked up, and saw Mason’s perfect face and flawless skin, unblemished by broken glass or eruptions of jagged bone. The only blood on him was a little bit in the corner of his mouth that wasn’t his at all.
Cody stood, feeling his love for Mason overwhelm the momentary numbness he’d felt killing Drew. Love was sacrifice, was it not? No one ever said it had to be your sacrifice.
“My love,” Cody said, cupping Mason’s handsome face, flush and warm with new life. They would get a second chance, and maybe Cody wouldn’t fuck it up this time.
Then he kissed away the blood on Mason’s mouth, and fell into his lover’s waiting embrace.





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