Flash Fiction Challenge – The Secret Rebellion

Yep, another one. And a brief tale of science fiction/horror.


The Secret Rebellion

Serai waited while Commander Garrand and his thugs forced open the airlock of her ship, the Shadowstar. It was no match for a Confederacy battle cruiser and they all knew it, so she had no choice but to surrender.

Gerrand took his time boarding the ship, because he was a raging asshole. She scanned her readouts to find out what size boarding party he had and counting him, there were seven. That seemed excessive considering it was just her and her service bot aboard. Well, that they knew of.

Boots clunked heavily on the deck plating as Gerrand and his blue uniformed hit squad marched to her cockpit. “I see working for the so called “rebellion” hasn’t made you any smarter,” he said, his bulky body almost filling the cockpit doorway.

“I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.” She replied.

Gerrand studied her with his porcine eyes. “What did you think you were doing in this sector? You had to know you’d get caught.”

“Yes, but it was the closet exit out of Plaxian space.”

This earned her some chuckles from the thugs and Garrand, which she expected. “Plaxian space? Did you hear that, men? Serai’s been visiting a mythical part of space, where a supposedly dangerous alien species hides away from the rest of the universe. Did you have tea with the dark matter beast of Thralcan Five too?”

The men all laughed, and Serai simply sat back in her chair, studying them. “The Plaxians made contact with my ship several weeks ago via probe. It seems that that asteroid belt in grid seventeen that you’ve been mining lately? They consider that theirs. And they don’t like you trespassing.”

The giggling continued, and Garrand looked positively delighted, like this was the best story he’d heard in ages. “Where does the dark matter beast come into it?”

“I was bringing Plaxian shock troops to rebellion HQ, so we could coordinate attacks. But thank you for walking right into this trap. I always wanted to see you die.”

Garrand continued chuckling, but the thugs had stopped and aimed their plasma rifles at her. They took death treats seriously, even if it was wrapped in a fairy tale. “Are you space mad? We scanned your ship. There’s no one aboard but you and your shitpile reject of a robot. As usual. If you’re going to lie, Serai, can’t you make them the least bit plausible?”

“I’m not lying, Garrand.” There was a slight shift in the darkness of the corridor outside, but that was all she spotted that passed for any kind of movement. “Your sensors can’t detect them.”

He snorted derisively, even though a couple of thugs started looking around suspiciously. “Our sensors detect everything living, including mechanical quasi-life. Are the Plaxians magical fairies?”

“No. But they might be considered magical to some degree. They’re very cold, and their energy output appears nil, possibly because that’s what they feed on. Energy. Namely bioelectric energy in all higher functioning brain and spinal cords.”

Garrand continued chuckling, but it petered off. “Now that is truly absurd, but I commend you for creativity.”

The cockpit was suddenly quite cold, and Garrand must have felt it through his flight suit, because he looked around, but she knew there was no way he could see them. The leader of the Plaxians was reluctant to explain, but they had some type of camouflage technology that made them appear all but invisible. They were simply an odd movement in the corner of your eye, a flicker of a shadow, and then they were on you.

Which was exactly what happened to Garrand and his men. One second they were standing there, rifles raised and then next their weapons had fallen to the deck as the Plaxians had grabbed them with their tentacle fingered hands and drained the energy from their bodies with nary a whisper. It puzzled her, since humans and most other higher life forms just didn’t have all that much electricity in them, but maybe that’s why the Plaxians hunger was so great. The entire boarding party was dead before their guns hit the deck.

The leader of the shock troops gazed at her with his blood red eyes burning deep in his chalk white, sharp featured face. “Done?” he said, his voice a mere whisper.

“Their ship’s all yours if you want it,” she said, and the Plaxians were gone in the slightest flicker of light.

Ten Plaxians against a battle cruiser of one hundred armed Confederacy troops? On paper, it sounded insane. But she bet the ship would be all theirs within twenty minutes, tops.

The Confederacy had no idea what they were in for. She almost felt sorry for them.


Random roll: Space opera/vampires

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