Flash fic challenge – 200 Words

Okay, new flash fic challenge, involving writing the start of a story alone, clocking in at 200 words. Here’s mine.


The explosion made theground rock like a ship on a storm tossed sea. Kira covered her head as flaming debris rained down.“Well, that could have gone better.”

“Was there an outcome where this wasn’t a certainty?” Dana replied.

Kira thought a thousand different curse words at the AI companion implanted in her brain. Not that Dana would care either way, as it may have been an artificial intelligence, but it’s emotional understanding was limited.

Kira jumped up to her feet and looked around, surveying the damage. Futureshock’s cybertech lab was now a hole in the ground, covered with a smattering of smoldering rubble. “Who the fuck would wire their entire building to self-destruct?” She asked, still finding it hard to believe. That was action film and sci-fi bullshit.

“Someone who had weighed their risk factors, and decided no proof was better than any,” Dana replied, even though it was a mostly rhetorical question. She should have known Dana would have an answer.

“There’s still proof,” Kira countered, turning her back on the debris. It was probably best she got out of here before the cops and firemen started to show.

“But there’s no direct ties to them. Not anymore.”

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