Flash Fic Challenge – 200 Words, Part 3

Here’s the details. And here are the bits. First bit, by Meagan Wilson and the second half by napmonkey. Pasted below.

(Meagan Wilson)

“Yes, this penthouse view is quite breathtaking,” I turned to the luscious blonde before me, “but not nearly as lovely as—”
A thunder clap, and then I was standing in a small, glowing circle, surrounded by a gaggle of chanting fools in robes.
”Oh great Sorasel im Palat, lord of fire and darkness, fell devourer of the innocent, conqueror of—” Arcane symbols covered the speaker’s robes, nearly obscuring the heavy crimson fabric.
“Yes, yes, get on with it.” I gestured with my gin martini.
He paused, then finished in a post-pubescent squeak, “We invoke thy true name and bid thee do our will.”
“Oh you do, do you? Well I want you to send me back. I was having a smashing time, and that girl may not have two brain cells to rub together, but she looked quite likely to do some rubbing together. If you know what I mean.”
The robe-wearers shuffled, and whispered amongst themselves. The leader piped up again.
“O great Sorasel im—“
“Stop that, stop that,” I interrupted. “Only my dad calls me that. I prefer my middle name. If you must speak, call me Stewart.”
More shuffling and whispering from my summoners.
“O great, uh, Stewart, we bind you by your word. Grant us power and riches. Please.”
There was a long pause.
The leader shifted his weight. “Pretty please?”
I sighed. “Kid, we have no deal. If you try to force me to give without payment it will create a destructive feedback loop. The circle will break and I promise you I will smash every bone in your bodies then drag your pulped and squalling remains down below to use as agonised fleshy beanbags. You don’t want that and it’s my evening off, so just send me back and we’ll say no more about it.”
The leader fumbled under his robes, eventually producing an Archie comic.
Issue 114, October 1960. I thought I had found every copy.
I was confronted with the advertisement. POWER! RICHES! RESPECT! And it WON’T cost YOUR SOUL!
So embarrassing. A valid offer in my own words. Still, I knew something they didn’t.
I had set up that offer as a trap. The summoning ritual created a pretty glowing circle, but no binding at all.
I strode forward, roiling dark flames already wreathing my free hand, and broke my nose on an invisible barrier.
(My bit)

“Son of a bitch!” I snapped, rubbing my nose. The leader flinched, but looked more contrite than scared.

“He said you might try to wea- uh, back out of it.”

I gave him a look that had, in the past, made mere mortals shit out their own entrails. But since he barely made eye contact before looking away, it didn’t have the desired effect. “He who?”

“Asaolon, lord of the winds.”

“Asshat,” I said, disgusted. Not that they would know his family nickname, or how my useless half-brother had earned it. I looked down at the Archie comic in my hand, and quickly riffled through the pages. Eventually I found the runic writing, embedded in a panel where Jughead was eating a sandwich bigger than his head. A binding spell. I tried to smudge it with my thumb, but he had embossed it in the page.

He’d always been jealous of me and my powers. I mean, controlling winds? What the hell kind of lame ass power was that? The best he could do was ruin your hairstyle. “Why would he give this to you to give to me?”

“Because there was no other way I could get the drop on you,” a voice said from the darkness.

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