Five Song Shuffle Tuesday, Infected Soundtrack Edition

Not only does noise once again rule the week, but the majority of these songs have appeared on self made soundtracks for my Infected books.Funny how that works.

These Arms Are Snakes – Meet Your Mayor

Unreleased track (in MP3 form), hard to find. I can imagine Roan working the heavy bag to this.



Black Eyes & Neckties – Bloodbath

The title of one of the Infected chapters! (Yes, I named it after this song.) From a defunct (of course) Washington State Goth-punk band. It’s easy to imagine the snuff house takedown taking place to this.



Alkaline Trio – Private Eye

Tailor made for Roan, this tale of a (metaphorical) hard boiled detective short circuited by his addiction problems and bad decisions could have been written for him. Except Roan usually solves his cases, and he prefers pills to booze.




Weed – Silent Partner

This one hasn’t been featured on a soundtrack yet, but probably next time.



Ghost Outfit – Waste

Same with this song, which came from a CD I had to get from England, because, for whatever reason, the MP3s aren’t available in America. Damn it.

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