Dev, A Visitor’s Guide, Part 4


Food, Drink, Holidays, & Culture

Having a unique cross-section of beings in Dev, you will find all sorts of food and drink, perhaps more diverse than even your world, whatever that may be. From flesh for zombies and yetis, blood for vampires, vegetables and vegetation for our lizard friends, and all sorts of refuse for our werewolf brothers. Eating your fellow citizens is punished by banishment to the yeti zones, unless you’re a yeti, and then you have to face the Cursers.


There are not many holidays, but there is the three day Bacchus festival, held in what humans would call spring. During these days, there is a celebration involving much food and drink, as well as the occasional orgy. (But it’s all very tastefully done.) While a feast for all senses, it is advised that humans, even with guides, may want to avoid this, as things can get out of control pretty quickly, and your safety cannot be guaranteed.

Some holidays break along species lines. Vampires are known to celebrate Bela Lugosi’s birthday, while zombies celebrate the Feast of Lazarus, and werewolves celebrate the founding of McDonalds. The lizard people, the indigenous peoples of this land, have a rich culture and many holidays specific to their kind, but it is of little interest to anyone outside of it. On the off chance you are invited, it’s advised you don’t go, unless you have a high tolerance for boredom and liturgical dance. Then by all means, go ahead. But you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

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