Dev, A Visitor’s Guide, Part 3

Religion & Magic

Since Dev was established and is still currently overseen by a god, Medusa, it’s almost funny how little merit religion is given in this world. We have a god, we know she exists, and we know, if we sufficiently anger her, there will be grave consequences. (Those rumors of a previous city have also claimed the cataclysm that wiped it out was simply Medusa’s way of cleaning the slate and starting over with a more peaceful society, but, as before, there is no proof of this.)

Medusa requires nothing from her people, save for a few rules that are the bedrock of our peaceful world. There are statues to her, but small, as she herself finds them gaudy. She requires no worship, and anyone who speaks in her name finds themselves regretting it quickly. A tangible but mostly hands off sort of deity, the society of Dev is mainly secular. There are no competing religions.

As for magic, that is a tricky thing defined by semantics. For the most part it doesn’t exist, and there are some conspiracy theorists who claim Medusa herself has shut it down. Even though a rudimentary form of magic is used by a segment of law enforcement known as the Cursers, capable of levelling very specific, punishment related curses on convicted criminals. It is said their power comes straight from Medusa, but the Cursers are a secretive organization that doesn’t share much with civilians.

Even so, there are very specific forms of magic at work. Weres, for example, are thought to be caused when a human is bitten or scratched by an animal contaminated by magic, but how they become contaminated, and why the afflicted people are transported to Dev, remains a mystery. We like to think it’s Medusa, in her infinite wisdom, providing a safe haven for those that less enlightened worlds would call monsters.

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