Dev, A Visitor’s Guide, Part 2

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History & Politics



While home to a diverse group of beings, Dev’s history is remarkably peaceful. Founded by a god looking to create a containment area for her mentally imbalanced sisters, it soon became a haven for other creatures looking for a place to stay. There are rumors that there was a city before Nightshade, full of warring creatures, wiped out completely in a massive cataclysm, but there’s no legitimate proof of this. Ruins have been uncovered, but their meaning is unclear.


The political system of Dev is an unusual one. Since the city of Nightshade is divided between clusters of competing groups (werewolf gangs such as the Dogpack and its rival, the Dogpound; the Vampire’s Union; The Dalai Lizard, et cetera) the title of Mayor is given to one citizen who is chosen by lottery to serve as an intermediary figure for the groups in the name of the city. Every adult resident is, by law, included in the lottery, unless they have already served as Mayor. If so, their name is excluded from all subsequent draws.


The purpose of this is twofold. One, it is to give everyone an equal voice in how the city is run, and two, to keep the gangs in check, since the Mayor can show no favoritism towards any one group. Any harm to the Mayor is subject to the most extreme punishment known to Dev – banishment to the yeti zones.


It is impossible to be a career politician in Dev. We don’t seem so hellish now, do we?


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