Closet Capers is out today!

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, then you know this, but I’m very proud of my story in this anthology, Tempest For A Tea Cup. It’s frothier and lighter than most of my stories, and stars two fisted, hard drinking private dick Jake Falconer, and his on-again, off-again (but now on) boyfriend, Officer Kyle Gomez, supposedly the soberest and most uncorrupted cop in all of Echo City. If you read my novella The Little Death, you’ll recognize them, but you don’t need to have done so to get this story. It’s not a sequel, just a parallel story.

And to tease it a little more, I’ll give you a little sample of the story:


As a private detective, I was used to pretty trouble stumbling through my door. But adorable trouble? That was new.

The young man before me was not adorable. Oh, he wasn’t bad, if you went in for the metrosexual twink type in a designer leather jacket and way-too-tight skinny jeans, but his nose was too small and his eyes too glazed to be of any interest to me. Well, maybe if I was really hammered and really desperate. In other words, probably next Tuesday after closing time. “Are you Jake Falconer?” the boy asked, sniffing and wiping tears away from his pale blue eyes.

“That’s what it says on the door.”

He rubbed a Kleenex under his nose, sniffed, and said, “I need to hire you to find someone. Can you do that?”

My first impulse was to say “No, despite it saying ‘Private Investigations’ on my door, I sell cheese.” But I needed the money, so I swallowed it down and nodded. “I can, within reason. Who’s missing?”

“Princess,” he said, collapsing into the old wooden chair in front of my desk.

“A princess?”

“No, Princess,” he said, thrusting out the screen of a smartphone towards me. “My Morkie.”


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