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William Stafford tagged me for this one. Four simple questions about my writing.





1)      What are you working on right now?

Many things, including a short story about a comic con, a sci-fi comedy for Nanowrimo called I Left My Heart On Omicron Ceti Three, and a prequel to my Infected series called Infected: Paris. I seem unable to work on one thing at a time.

2)      How does it differ from other work in its genre?

Hmm. Well, The Infected series is a bit different than most “shifter” stories, because the cat virus is in no way a good thing. In fact, it’s an early death sentence for everyone, but Roan, the main character, has a curious relationship with his virus, that just gets curiouser as the series goes on. Save for Roan, which is me trying out a sort of science fiction concept, I’m trying to handle this cat virus as realistically as possible. What would happen if this virus did suddenly show up? How would society adapt to cope with it? Would it? How would the infected deal with it? And there’s some genre mashing, as Roan is also a private detective, who investigates various mysteries. Sometimes they involve fellow infecteds, and sometimes they don’t.

3) Why do you write what you do?

If I knew that I’d probably get the help I so desperately need. Ha! Honestly, I don’t know. I like the juxtaposition of the mundane and the fantastic, and I strive for that in most of my fiction. It’s hard for me to write something that isn’t strange in one way or another. Evidence of a bad childhood? Maybe it’s just my natural affinity for oddballs.They always say write what you love to read, and I love reading about this kind of stuff.

4)      How does your writing process work?

Damned if I know. I’ve very sloppy and slapdash, grabbing time where I can. I seem genetically incapable of being organized, and I don’t respond to it well. Same with writing just one thing at a time. I get restless and my mind often finds a reason to demand I do something else. So I usually have more than one project running at once, so my brain can be happy.

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