A Five Song Friday the 13th Shuffle

No spookiness here, unless you count wild swings of mood and genre. Then I suppose it kind of is.

The Presets – Get The Fuck Out Of Here

Dance music that isn’t quite danceable, this song is a strange one, and yet I like it a lot. I may like it just because it isn’t a radio friendly unit shifter, and I can really identify with the song’s main sentiment. I also think it’s a strong runner up for Holden’s theme song.

We Are Scientists – Chick Lit

Now we swing into alt power pop that sounds cheerful, but is all about a bitter break up. The dichotomy between the tone of the music and the words could give you whiplash.

Porcupine Tree – Strip The Soul

Well, at least the music and words match. A gloomy, creepy song by a band that isn’t Tool. Perfect for Friday the 13th.

El-P – Up All Night

Swinging into rap now. While not necessarily a positive song, it’s the most upbeat song on this list.

Tears Run Rings – Waiting For The End

A gorgeous bit of sorrowful shoegaze, if the name of the band didn’t give that away. Also, the official couple song for Roan and Paris, because it’s beautiful and painfully sad.

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