5 Song Shuffle Saturday

Yes, I intend to keep doing this. While last week’s was dominated by noise rock, electronic music is the victor this week.

1. Sleepy Eyes Of Death – Night Wires

The first of two defunct Seattle bands on this list alone. Both were favorites, and both couldn’t have been more different. SEOD liked semi-orchestral, lush electronic soundscapes, as you can hear for yourself.

2. These Arms Are Snakes – The Blue Rose

And the second defunct Seattle band, a noise rock group that is the only noise rock represented on this list. They had the best live shows I’ve ever seen, even when playing in the attic of a junk shop. (This happened. I was there.)

3. A Grave With No Name – Dig Me Out

Now back to sort of shoegaze/alternative, although I imagine you could dance to it if you wanted.

4. Bang Bang Eche – Fist Full of Dollars

You’d better get up and dance now, as this is a dance-punk band. Did you know they existed? Neither did I, until I heard them.

5. Dfalt – Roads Remix

And now the drowsy trip-hop of Portishead (not a knock on them – they are amongst the best of this genre), remixed by the alter ego of Cassettes Won’t Listen. (That’s a guy.)

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