Saturday Snark is back …

And here’s my contribution, from Infected: Shift.

Yeah, you're screwed

By Anne Cain

Roan had bitten into a steaming hot croissant and was letting the pastry melt in his mouth when Holden paused and turned back. “Oh, one more thing. About the client? A bit obsessed with you.”
Roan almost choked. “What?”
“Not in a gay way, although I’m not a hundred percent certain about that. But he’s definitely fascinated by you. He asked about your scars, if you had a boyfriend, and when we were in the cop shop giving our statements, he asked if any of those cops knew you. He’s way into you.”
He didn’t know what to think about that. “Are you sure you’re not projecting here?”
“Nope. It’s your macho allure, I think. He’s in awe. And why not? You are Batman, after all.”
Roan glowered at him—Holden knew damn well he hated being called that and seemed to enjoy him getting pissed off about it—but he finally came up with a comeback. “Does that make you the Boy Wonder?”
Holden returned the glower. “I will be dead before you get me in elf shoes.”
It was nice to know Holden drew a line somewhere.

Saturday Snark

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