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I’ll get to this one soon, but I still have some other work on the table. Still, just to prove I haven’t forgotten, a teaser.


1- Haunt You

It was going to be a clusterfuck, of that there was no doubt. The only question was how big a clusterfuck.

Roan wasn’t going to bother the Kims with any of this,and although Randi requested to be kept in the loop, he spared her from this as well. Mainly he kept this between him, Holden, and Fiona, although even that wasn’t strictly true. He told Dylan, and even though Scott had been called up to the Vancouver Canucks, Holden had obviously clued him in, as Richie had called Roan to offer his help (along with Jeff’s, whom he was going to drag into things whether he wanted to be in it or not). Roan told him it might not be the best idea, as what if he was recognized, but that just made him laugh. Only hard core Falcons fans would know who he was on sight, and the day he was afraid of a bunch of god squad whackadoos (his words) was the day he quit hockey and started selling insurance. If he wasn’t up against he would have turned him down, but he knew Richie and Jeff were intimidating looking (a nose broken several times and a scarred face had that effect), and were more than capable of taking care of themselves, so he agreed to let them help. It was weird enough that he was putting together a security detail for a funeral. But life these days was pretty fucking weird.

Roan planted a fake burial announcement in the paper, with a real church and a real date listed, but neither one being the actual place, time, and date of the funeral. The Kim family was in on it, so they were able to tell relatives to ignore it, but it was a bluff for some of the crazies to take. He knew there would be leaks of the real location, that it was unavoidable, but if he could draw even twenty percent away, that was a fistful of nutbags they wouldn’t have to deal with.

How Grant Kim, even in death, remained a lightning rod was a bit baffling, but also understandable, as he was the embodiment of many fears in one body. He was infected, he had been in a polyamorous relationship, he was Korean, he was of dubious and arguable sexuality. Just like his trial had been a sideshow, his death was too, and it infuriated Roan, enough that he volunteered to run security for free. Considering the problems he was having keeping the lion at bay, this was probably a bad idea. No, it was definitely a bad idea, and he knew it before he even volunteered, but he couldn’t help it. Randi was a friend, and he brought Grant in in the first place, so he felt kind of responsible for him. Maybe it would have been best to let the cops hunt him down and kill him in the first place, but he’d only been trying to help him. Yeah, good intentions paved the way to hell, blah blah blah. You know what the really funny thing was? So did bad intentions. Ultimately, every road led to hell. Churches didn’t tell you this, because they didn’t want you to know how futile everything actually was.

Oh wow. Roan was impressed with his own optimism. With so much sunshine blasting out his ass, how was he not constantly sunburned? Jesus. No wonder one of Dylan’s friends had referred to him as “King Downer”.

Of course, Holden would just say it was realism. But that was Holden, and Roan was still nervous having him on the security team. Thanks to the religious types he grew up with, he revelled in picking fights with the true believers, the more self-righteous the better. He made Holden promise to be on his best behaviour, but only after the fact did he wonder what Holden considered his “best” behaviour, and if it had any correlation between what Roan had hoped. He could have pressed him, but with Holden less was usually more in the information department. It was also usually all you got, as Holden liked mind fucking just a bit too much. It also made him an excellent interrogator, because he could drive anyone to their breaking point just by being chronically evasive. If the CIA had any sense at all, they’d have snapped him up already.

And Dylan was nervous for Roan, as he thought he was taking too much on, especially after all that had happened. But he knew Roan had to do this, and wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t, so all Dyl could do was be supportive and pretend this wasn’t killing him, even though Roan knew it was. It was killing him too.

Ultimately these fucking weirdos should leave the Kims alone and stop making their dead son a symbol of their intolerance, but these idiots had no decency. Roan stopped reading the papers or taking in any news, because the more he heard these morons speak, the more he wanted to let Holden go on them, push them until the cops had no choice but to tase and gas bomb the lot of them. Or maybe Roan should just lion out in front of them, shown them their worst fears were true, and eat some of the fatter ones before they could run to their cars.

Okay, no, he couldn’t do that. But damn, that was fun to think about.




To Be Continued

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