Six Sentence Sunday

Participating again, and this time, it’s the first sentences in the Infected: Prey prequel, Infected: Paris. Roan is working a case, and it’s not exactly a glamorous one.




It was times like these that Roan knew he’d made a big mistake becoming a private detective.
Of course it was his fault. He lost his temper at that redneck shitbag, he was  lucky he wasn’t sued and that the Seattle PD didn’t decide to make an example of him. Which was probably why he was back in the PD’s evidence room, looking at a road kill squirrel in a plastic bag.  Even though the bag was sealed,  Roan could still smell the blood, guts, and rot through the supposedly airtight seal.
As he rubbed his nose, doing his best not to gag, Kevin Robinson said, ”I don’t suppose you want to take it out of the bag.”


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