Saturday Snark

This is an excerpt from Infected: Prey . Roan’s searching for a teenager who may have ran away from home, and seems to have been obsessed with infecteds, making him concerned he might have run off to the Church of the Divine Transformation. That’s where we are when this snark off begins:


As soon as he was done, Paris took his seat, cracked open his soda, and decided to play devil’s advocate. “This is all supposition, you know. Maybe he was a bit obsessed with infecteds, but ran off to join the Hare Krishnas.”

“Or the Jehovah’s Witnesses,” Roan replied, playing along.

“The Evangelicals.”

“The Mormons.”

“The Shakers,” Paris insisted, raising his eyebrows in a comic manner.

Oh no, he wasn’t laughing now. “The Scientologists.”

“Oh shit, you win. I can’t top that.”

Roan pumped his fist in sarcastic triumph. “Mock the sacred Xenu if you want, but you won’t believe how much claiming you’re a Scientologist gets you out of conversations.”

Paris snorted a laugh in remembrance, and almost choked on a fry. “I remember when you told that guy that, as a Scientologist, you celebrated Christmas differently. I thought he was gonna have you arrested.”

“Which one was this?”

“The one where you claimed to dance naked around a pyre where you burned the remains of a sacrificial chicken.”

“Oh, right, and ate the still beating heart of a baby goat under agibbous moon. Right. I thought I was particularly inspired that night.”


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