Saturday Snark …

This is from the just released Infected; Freefall . Dylan, Roan’s artist boyfriend, has just called him to tell him he wants him to come see a painting he did of him before he goes public with it. This makes Roan understandably suspicious and nervous.


Roan really didn’t like Dylan’s sudden squeamishness—this was making him nervous. Did he paint him killing a bus full of nuns or something? Fucking Robert Mapplethorpe? Dylan should have known better than to be so vague, because now he was getting paranoid. “What did you do to me?”

“It’s nothing bad… or at least, I don’t think it’s bad. You still might not like it.”

Oh, this didn’t sound good. “Am I naked?”


“Shooting Dick Cheney in the face?”


“Why not?”

“Every time I try and draw Dick Cheney, he ends up looking like the Penguin from the old Batman TV series. I have nothing against Burgess Meredith.”

“Yeah, well, I guess I don’t either.” He sighed, wondering exactly what Dylan had done to him on canvas. “I’m in the area, so I’ll be over in a few minutes. Is a quickie off the table?”

“Yes, mainly because the table’s too flimsy to take it. We’ll have to move it to the couch.”

“Fine by me. See you soon.”



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