New music mix!

New soundtrack. And here’s the sad thing about this “love theme” (with few love songs) mix – I can break them down to specific characters. And if you’d like to know which songs are for which characters, read on.

By character:

Roan’s songs: Blackest Eyes, Weak and Powerless, 18 Wheels, I Lived My life To Stand In The Shadow of Your Heart, Thugs, Honeythief

Paris’s songs: You Were The Last High, Plans, Between The Bars

Dylan’s songs: Airport Surroundings, Special, You and Me,

Holden’s songs: D Is For Dangerous (although, to be fair, this could apply to Paris as well), Criminal

Matt’s song: Prisoner (poor Matt)

The starting and ending songs – Julius and Infected, respectively – are general songs that could apply to anyone you want. I’ll try and stop doing this, but I love putting these together.

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