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Accidental Alpha #24



“I-I’m sorry F-Fenris,” Paul stuttered.

Stanley’s mouth opened. It was like watching a monster movie in slow motion. Huge fangs elongated like a saber tooth tiger. He’d never seen anything like it in his life. Most shifters were an all or nothing affair. Sure they could bring out their claws and the occasional slight fang but this was more than that. It was like he was channeling an entirely different animal. One who could nick a major artery with a light scrape of a tooth.

Chills ran up and down Fenris’ skin. For the first time he realized Stanley could really kill Paul.

“It’s okay Stanley.” Fenris stepped forward, keeping his voice calm and even. “Let go of Paul.”

Stanley’s head snapped around to meet Fenris’ eyes.

“Oh Shit,” Fenris whispered.


His kind sweet mate’s eyes were feral. The wolf was now in charge and it hated Paul. He could feel the intent in the wolf-man before him.

“Now honey, let Paul go. He didn’t mean it, did you Paul?”

“N-nope. N-not a bit. I-I completely respect Fenris.”

Paul’s eyes were squeezed shut and his head turned to submissively expose his neck. He wasn’t taking any chances of further enraging the alpha.

“See, now just release you fingers.” Fenris took a cautious step closer, hoping his presence would calm his mate. He took the hand not strangling Paul in between both of his. “If you let Paul go I’ll give you a kiss,” he tempted.

“You’ll give me a kiss anyway,” Stanley growled. With a movement he never saw, Stanley wrapped an arm around Fenris and yanked him closer. Still pinning Paul to the wall in an effortless hold, Stanley kissed Fenris with a hard, commanding touch letting him know who was completely, utterly in charge.

Fenris melted. He didn’t know if it was from the heat of the kiss or the passion behind it but his body relaxed beneath the alpha’s touch and he molded his form to the stronger body of his mate.

Once he was about to collapse in a puddle of goo, Stanley lifted his mouth and settled Fenris back on his heels. Until that moment he hadn’t realized he’d gone on tiptoes to get closer to his mate, to absorb more of his embrace.

“Fenris,” Paul’s hoarse whisper brought him back to reality. Even during their kiss, Stanley hadn’t lost his grip.
“Could you let him go? Please.”

Stanley slammed Paul against the wall once more for good measure then he yanked him away from the surface and tossed him out the open door.

Fenris heard a crash where Paul must have impacted with something but he didn’t know what and he wasn’t going to remove his eyes from Stanley in order to find out.

“I let him go.” Stanley’s eyes had shifted back to normal and his fangs were gone. “I believe you owe me a reward.”

Fenris gave his mate a wide smile. “So I do.”

He didn’t get a chance to say anything else before Stanley’s strong muscular body had him pinned to the wall. Lucky, lucky, Fenris.

He let out a moan as Stanley’s erection rubbed against his. Even with two layers of clothing he could feel his mate’s hardness and heat. “My what a big bad wolf you are!” Fenris teased, looking at Stanley through his lashes.

Stanley laughed. Fenris could almost feel the rest of his temper sliding away. “Big bad wolves who daylight as accountants do it for you, huh?”

“Oh yeah!” If he were a cat he would’ve purred.

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