A new reader story primer

If you’ve read Infected: Prey and/or Infected: Bloodlines and found my blog, thank you for visiting.

Infected started as serial fiction here, and I still continue to write it here. The world is just too much fun to play in, and besides, I’ve expanded it with all these weird characters who are effortless to write. But for those wondering where the fiction here relates to the book, I thought it was about damn time I put up a “primer”.

I number the stories as “books”, so Infected and Prey were book #1 & 2, and Infected: Bloodlines is #3. The upcoming Infected: Life After Death will contain books 4 & 5 (Life After Death and Hysteria, respectively).

The stories available in the Infected fiction archive start with #6, Freefall. You probably could read it with little confusion, although there is a spoiler of sorts  if you haven’t read Infected: Bloodlines, as well as new characters introduced in Life After Death & Hysteria.  Just keep that in mind before you go forward.

The rest of the stories follow in this order:

Freefall, Book 6

Bloodletting, Book 7

Shift, Book 8

Bloodbath, Book 9

The Land of the Blind, Book 10

Lesser Evils, Book 11

Meantime, Book 12

Undertow, Book 13 (currently in progress)

Yes, that’s quite a bit, but I told you I had fun in this world. In fact, I see it as a running TV series, only in prose form. Keep in mind that most of these are first drafts, so there’s bound to be typos and other detritus that needs some smoothing out, so sorry about that in advance.

I should also point out that the “comments” has been disabled, mainly because of spam, the internet’s great white shark. So if you wanted to ask me about anything, please click on the “Discussion Forums” at the top of the “Links” section (over there on the left), or just find me on Goodreads.

Thanks for reading!

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