I forgot what day it was …

… because I’m an idiot like that sometimes.

Anyways, I have a short story in Dreamspinner Press’s “Making Contact anthology, so here’s an excerpt for your perusal, the opening paragraphs of a story titled “Alone”:


They always said it was the loneliness that would kill you.

Not right away, of course. First you’d lose your mind in this endless expanse of eternal night and ice, and then you’d kill yourself, maybe by overriding the safeties and opening the airlock door before the pressure equalized, or maybe something as stupidly low tech as cutting your wrists with a utility knife. Even though the psychological testing was more rigorous for this than anything, it was still called the “suicide run” by the guys back on Earth. There were no statistics released on how many people who’d gone to Outpost Proserpina (its technical name, even if most people referred to it simply as “Hades”) killed themselves, but Logan Murakami knew that the outpost had been manned for almost twelve years now – and he knew of at least four other astronauts who had been sent here. They weren’t back on Earth, they weren’t even at the troubled Mars facility … so where were they?

Officially it wasn’t discussed, but Logan figured he knew. Somewhere out amongst the water and nitrogen ice that frosted this blasted piece of rock were the bodies of the former residents of Outpost Proserpina. Certainly Doug was out there, and he had never been an actual resident. But this wouldn’t be Logan’s tomb; he was determined to be the first man to come back in one piece.


Wonder what happens? You’ll have to get the book to find out! Check it out here, at the Dreamspinner store:

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