Welcome to my spiffy brand new site. This will be the new home of my serial fiction, as well as a place I can just blather on if I feel like it. I’ll warn everyone now that I won’t be G rated. (Neither is my fic, so that makes sense.)

And let me take this time out to pimp my stuff, just in case there isn’t enough pimping scattered about. I have a book (points to Alone With The Dead link), and you can find me introducing the Bomb Queen: Dirty Bomb trade. Also, the recently released Rex Libris #9 has a short story of mine, The Blackburn Legacy, in the back. (It’ll also be in the eventual trade, but you could buy it now and support small press.)

I’m always posting something or other over at Comixtreme as well, and I’ll have a comedy piece appearing in the 2008 Prism Guide, where I poke fun at the sexuality of certain superheroes and villains. I expect some people will get a bit pissed off at me.

So welcome everyone, while you still kind of like me. Thanks for your support.

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